What’s a Walk and Talk? Is it right for me?

A Walk and Talk is a unique opportunity to have an inspector come with you to a house showing. During this time we are looking for major red flags and general concerns about the home you’re interested in purchasing. While this is not a thorough home inspection, it does give you the opportunity see a home through the lens of an inspector and ask question you wouldn’t normally get to ask. In this video Jon goes into detail on the value of this service and who it best serves in the current market.

At a recent Walk & Talk, we observed the following which were NOT DISCLOSED by the seller:

  • There were stucco repairs that had been completed. 
  • We could tell in the basement they replaced wood in the same area the stucco was repaired.
  • There were signs of previous water damage repairs in the basement.
  • In the basement, we discovered the grinder pump for the basement bathroom was malfunctioning.

We were also able to age the roof, water heater, heating and cooling systems. While the Walk & Talk is by no means comparable to a traditional home inspection, our team was able to gather valuable insights within just 30 minutes. 

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