The Musselman Home Inspection team has a long history of experience, training, and certifications to ensure that every home inspection service is thorough and informative. Our process is client focused, which means that we answer every question and take time to explain what we are looking for during every step of the appointment. We keep our core values – interactive education, empowering homeowners, and life-long partnership – in mind at all times so that you can be confident in all phases of homeownership.

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Buying a home is one of the largest, and longest, investments you’ll ever make. It’s important to make that investment armed with as much information as possible, which means your home inspection is a crucial step in the process. We understand the current real estate market and have experience with all types of homes, new and old. Our goal is to relieve your stress by taking time to walk you through the property with easy to understand explanations and answers to your questions. Afterward, a detailed report provides buyers and Realtors the confidence to make an informed decision about their potential home.

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In a competitive real estate market, buyers are under pressure to put in offers before all the facts are on the table. When inspections are waived, buyers are forced to accept the risk of costly home repairs after settlement. Our pre-purchase walk and talk reduces some of that risk and allows you to get a fuller picture of the home before you make your offer. We will accompany you on a showing and review the major components of the home, looking for high level areas of concern. This is not an inspection, but it will give you a better understanding of the property and empower you to make an informed offer.

Starting at $375!

If you’re about to put your home on the market, a pre-listing inspection will help you get ready. This inspection will alert you to any issues that may arise in the buyer’s inspection so that you can avoid lengthy negotiations. By making repairs and resolving potential issues prior to listing, you can add to the potential resale value of the home, add supporting documentation to your seller’s disclosure, and prevent unwanted surprises. A pre-listing home inspection puts you in the driver’s seat before your home enters the market.

Buying a new construction home is an exciting chance to personalize the features and details that make it your dream home. New construction home inspections provide an unbiased assessment regarding the quality of the build. While your focused on the personalization of your home, we’re focused on the structure and systems. In some cases, contractors work fast — too fast. They’re under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines. Builders also frequently subcontract the work to a wide array of vendors, whose competence and diligence can range significantly. With aggressive timelines and quality control in question, mistakes can just happen.

Hiring an independent home inspector ensures an unbiased opinion on the condition of the house you are about to call home. Overall, this is a small investment providing BIG rewards and peace of mind – not to mention you will also receive a thorough education on how to maintain your home, often not provided by the builder.

Our three critical services for new home construction include:

Pre-Drywall Inspection

Once the framing, foundation, and major systems are in place but before the walls go up, it’s time for a pre-drywall inspection. Our team will review the foundation, floor system, roof system, plumbing, electric, HVAC, and overall construction work to provide recommendations of anything that should be repaired prior to the final building phase.

Pre-Close Inspection

The pre-close inspection is very similar to our pre-purchase inspection. In this review, our team will do a thorough inspection of all the home’s components to check for any building defects or potential risks. Our detailed report, complete with pictures, will help you get any issues resolved before settlement.

New Home Warranty Inspection

Your new construction home warranty is essentially a prepaid service contract. The house needs a year to get through all the seasons and weather in order to expose any issues, but those issues are not always obvious. A New Home Warranty Inspection, or a One Year New Home Warranty Inspection, allows you to maximize your warranty and get everything fixed while it is still the builder’s responsibility. We recommend this inspection within the last 3 months of your warranty to get your full coverage.

Buy your new home with the confidence and security that only a professional inspection can provide.

Starting at $375!

If you recently purchased a home without an inspection, it’s not too late to learn about your investment! Whether you are seeking a thorough evaluation of all major and minor issues, or perhaps interested in learning more about how to maintain your home, we offer a “New Home Introduction”. Our trained professionals will guide you on an extensive, educational tour of your home to help you more fully understand how to protect and maintain your largest investment. During this tour we will evaluate your roof, heating/cooling and electrical systems, plumbing, structure and safety components. Helping you understand each of these systems, how they work and how they should be maintained will empower you to fully understand your new home, and make educated decisions on budgeting and maintenance for the future.

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Radon is a cancer causing gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste. Yet the EPA estimates that radon is responsible for thousands of lung cancer deaths per year. We recommend radon testing in your pre-purchase inspection, new construction inspection, and in your existing home if you have not had a recent test. Learn more about radon testing in our comprehensive guide.

*$125 price is valid when bundled with a home inspection.

Starting at $125!*

Free for Veterans when bundled with a home inspection!

An infestation of wood destroying insects (WDI) causes major damage to a home’s structure that often goes undetected for years. Once the problem is discovered, the damage can be extensive and costly to fix. Our team is trained to identify Wood Destroying Insects, like termites, carpenter bees, powder post beetles, etc, and can recommend the best course of action to prevent or stop an infestation. Learn more about WDI in our quick reference guide.

*$125 price is valid when bundled with a home inspection.

*Free WDI Inspection offered with the purchase of a Home Inspection.

Starting at $125!

You rely on the water coming into your home to be safe for drinking, bathing, cooking, and cleaning. But how can you be sure your water is free of contaminants? Water quality testing provides you with information about how healthy your home’s water supply really is. Once you understand the makeup of your water, you can take steps to apply the best filters or remedies to ensure your family’s health. Learn more about drinking water standards in our Water Quality FAQ.

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Per the EPA, Americans spend on average approximately 90% of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2-5X higher than typical outdoor concentrations. We often make the assumption that the air in our homes is clean. In fact, it can be far worse than the air just outside. Air quality can quickly degrade due to moisture, insects, pets, appliances, radon, smoke, household cleaners, and even furniture. Effects range from minor annoyances to major health risks. We sample your indoor air to test for mold particles or mold spores. If remediation is necessary we can recommend the best next steps. To learn more about how we test the air in your home, check out the video below.

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Whether you are purchasing a home with a septic system, or you have been living with a septic system for many years, a septic inspection could save you a great deal of money and stress. Homeowners are
responsible for maintaining their septic systems, but there is a learning curve. Our trained professionals will educate you on your system, make you aware of current or potential issues, and give you an action plan to maintain your system in working order. Read more about septic information in our quick reference guide.

Starting at $450!

Also known as a “Sewer Lateral Scan”, a sewer lateral inspection is for homes with public sewers. Most homeowners are not aware that the sewer line between your home and the road is your responsibility! During this inspection a camera in inserted into the sewer line to examine the condition of  the pipes and determine if any further action is necessary. We’re looking for defects such as blockages, cracks, and other problems in your sewer laterals.

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Stucco is not only a decorative coating on the exterior of a house. It serves as a membrane to keep moisture out. Our inspection includes both a non-invasive visual inspection and an invasive inspection. The non-invasive stucco inspection is a visual evaluation to look for cracks, bulges, and deterioration in the material. An invasive inspection takes samples of the material to assess the wood and other materials behind the stucco and test for moisture. These results will help homeowners and home buyers make informed decisions about bringing their stucco installation up to date with current standards.

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