Musselman Home Inspection offers a variety of services from minor to major services for investors, buyers, sellers, and even those looking to learn a bit more about their current home. Below is an extensive list of services offered. We’d love to hear from you and help you get a better understanding of your current or future home.

For the most savings, check out our bundled inspection plans.

Starting at $375!

Buying a home? Our licensed and accredited inspectors have your back. We thoroughly inspect all the major and minor systems of your home, providing a detailed report along with photos to back up our findings. See an example report here.

Starting at $200!

This service is perfect for the buyer or real estate that has been forced to waive an inspection. One of our inspection team members will join you during your showing appointment to review the major components of the home and any specific items of concern. While not a full inspection, it provides you with a better understanding of your potential purchase.

Starting at $375!

About to sell your home? A Musselman Pre-Listing Inspection gives you peace of mind that you are ready for any defect a buyer’s home inspection might find. Oftentimes, our Pre-Listing Inspections lead sellers to make repairs before the buyer’s inspection is even performed, potentially adding to the overall resale value of your home.

Many home buyers make the assumption that new construction homes don’t need an inspection. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. New homes are often built so quickly that mistakes are frequently overlooked. We inspect new construction homes at a few critical points in the process, specifically pre-drywall and pre-close. The information provided in these inspections empowers the home buyer to have the necessary repairs completed before their new home warranty expires.

Starting at $375!

Waived your home inspection? Curious about the general ins and outs of your home. The “New Home Introduction” is just hat the doctor ordered. Our trained professionals will guide you on an extensive, educational tour of your home to help you more fully understand how to protect and maintain your largest investment. During this tour, we will evaluate your roof, heating/cooling and electrical systems, plumbing, structure and safety components.

Starting at $125*

Radon is an odorless, carcinogenic, radioactive gas that can occur naturally in the basements and foundations of homes. Put your mind at ease with a radon test today.

Starting at $125! Free for Veterans!*

Wood Destroying Insects (WDI’s) are a common threat to wooden structural elements of new and old construction homes all over the world. It’s important to monitor for WDI’s on a regular basis to prevent and treat infestations. We inspect the exterior and interior of your home to insure the structural integrity of your home has not been compromised by WDI’s.

*Free WDI Inspection offered with the purchase of a Home Inspection.

Starting at $125!

Whether you have public or well water, the USA has some of the overall highest quality water supplies in the world. However, that quality can vary from place to place. Our testing allows you a better understanding of your water source’s makeup, good and bad.

Starting at $350!

We often make the assumption that the air in our homes is clean. In fact, it can be far worse than the air just outside. Air quality can quickly degrade due to moisture, insects, pets, appliances, radon, smoke, household cleaners, and even furniture. Effects range from minor annoyances to major health risks. We evaluate and offer remedies to best treat your specific situation.

Starting at $450!

Septic systems are a wonderful when they are well maintained. Oftentimes, they go ignored until a problem arises. We help you stay on top of these systems with a thorough evaluation and recommendations on maintenance.

Starting at $450!

Also known as a “Sewer Lateral Scan”, a sewer lateral inspection is for homes with public sewers. Most homeowners are not aware that the sewer line between your home and the road is your responsibility! During this inspection a camera in inserted into the sewer line to examine the condition of  the pipes and determine if any further action is necessary. We’re looking for defects such as blockages, cracks, and other problems in your sewer laterals.

Starting at $325!

Stucco is not only a decorative coating on the exterior of a house. It serves as a membrane to keep moisture out. We provide visual inspection, non-invasive inspection, and invasive inspection when necessary. The goal is to determine if the stucco is performing well and the structure behind has maintained its integrity.