New Home Introduction

Waived your home inspection?

Don’t miss out on learning how to properly manage and maintain your home. Our proactive maintenance tips can help protect your largest investment.

When you buy a new vehicle the sales representative is right there, ready to show you all the specs and features. They let you know when and how certain routine maintenance will need to be done to get the most miles out of your new purchase, with the least amount of headaches.

So…why wouldn’t buying a new home come with the same benefits?

We are now pleased to offer you the New Home Introduction.

Whether you are seeking a thorough evaluation of all major and minor issues, or perhaps interested in learning more about how to maintain your home, we now offer a “New Home Introduction”. Our trained professionals will guide you on an extensive, educational tour of your home to help you more fully understand how to protect and maintain your largest investment. During this tour, we will evaluate your roof, heating/cooling and electrical systems, plumbing, structure and safety components. Helping you understand each of these systems, how they work and how they should be maintained will empower you to more fully understand your home, and make educated decisions on budgeting and maintenance for the future. Call us today (267)-328-4663 and we’ll help you to understand how to manage and maintain your largest investment.

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