How Can a Walk & Talk Help Me as a Buyer?

Buying a house is an exciting but overwhelming process. As a buyer, there are a number of ways you can get informed about your potential home before officially purchasing one of your largest investments. If you are considering waiving your home inspection, consider our service called the Walk and Talk to be more empowered and confident as you approach an offer with your Realtor.

What is a Walk and Talk? A walk and talk is a service where a MHI professional walks with you and your realtor through a showing appointment to help you get an honest evaluation of a home’s potential pros and cons.

What Happens during a Walk and Talk? During a Walk and Talk, an MHI professional will go through the property with you and help you look at the condition of big ticket items and potential challenges you might not see as a buyer. Alternatively, if you have certain items already on your mind, the home inspector can focus on your concerns during the service appointment. The Walk & Talk is a great opportunity to get answers to all your questions from a professional who studies homes on a daily basis. Also keep in mind the home inspector is completely independent from your home buying process – you can count on them to provide an unbiased opinion.

Why Get a Walk and Talk? Buyers feel more empowered with an inspector by their side. In most homes, there are at least a few home construction related questions/concerns that exist. While the Walk & Talk cannot be compared to a thorough home inspection, the ability to have a few critical questions answered by a Home Inspector provides peace of mind as buyers move into contract negotiations. When buyers have confidence in items about a home they are questioning, they can make more informed, wise decisions.

Who Should Get a Walk and Talk? If you are considering waiving your home inspection or would like to gain more information about the house you are considering buying, the Walk & Talk service is an option to consider.

A Walk and Talk is not a home inspection, but it is an educational tour of home from the lens of a professional home inspector that can give you greater confidence about your home buying decisions. 

If you want to learn more about a Walk and Talk, you can read about the service here!

P.S. If you decide to forgo a home inspection pre-purchase, you can also get a New Home Introduction from Musselman Home Inspection!