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When it comes to keeping cool in those long, hot summer months, your air conditioner is heavily relied on.


When it’s working hard all day long to push that cold air into your homes, it’s also sucking in a lot of dirt, dust, and debris from the outside world.


That’s where the air filter comes in. However, unless you make sure to swap it out when it’s full, you’re asking for trouble.


Not only does keeping an old air filter in your A/C unit put you and your family at risk of breathing in unwanted particles that are now blowing around the house, but with a clogged up filter, your air conditioner now has to work harder to do it’s job.


Any piece of equipment that is pushed beyond it’s normal functions is bound to run into issues down the road, and this case is no different. With the elements being put under strain, they can end up either failing, or using up a ton more energy than previously needed, leaving you with a bigger bill than you bargained for.


Luckily for you, this is a quick, easy, and budget-friendly task that’ll have you back to relaxing comfortably in your home all summer long.


And with services like EcoBee and Amazon, you can set up a subscription to have fresh, new filters shipped right to your door every 90 days (as recommended).


That way, all you have to do is swap it out when it shows up and let your unit do the rest.


As we know, there are multiple types of air conditioning units out there, so we’ve created a few demonstrative videos to help assist you in changing your air filter no matter what type your house relies on:


Changing your Basement Unit‘s air filter –

Changing your Attic Unit‘s air filter –

Changing your Window Unit‘s air filter –


Changing tour  Mini-Split Unit‘s air filter –