What is an air quality screening for mold?

Mold is Everywhere

It’s a fact that all homes have a certain level of mold within them. It’s not usually a problem, unless the levels reach a threshold that becomes unsafe for the homeowner. When this happens a whole host of symptoms can arise, from allergy like symptoms to severe illness. It’s important to take the time to assess if your home might be the cause of any unusual health issues you may be experiencing. An air quality screening for mold is an effective way to determine if further action needs to be taken to make your home safe for you family to live in. In the video above, Jon explains the process of testing a home and how this process is meant to provide a homeowner with greater peace of mind.

If you suspect your home may have heightened levels of mold, don’t hesitate to have an inspector take a look. It’s better to take carve if it sooner to avoid a larger problem down the road.