6 Radon Myths

Radon is a natural, radioactive gas that can silently seep into any home. Keeping your home safe from radon is an important part of home ownership, but there’s a lot of misinformation about what radon and radon prevention looks like. Here are six common myths about radon and tips on how to keep your home happy and healthy.

  1. Myth: I don’t need to worry about radon because I have no basement.

Fact: No matter what house you have, they’re all on earth, where radon gas comes from. The only way to know radon levels in your house for certain is by testing.

  1. Myth: My basement has a walkout and windows, so I don’t need to test for radon.

Fact: All homes/basements should have testing because radon can get trapped in any part of any house.

  1. Myth: My house is built on a slab, so I don’t need to test

Fact: Any home built on earth can have radon gas in it. We have tested slab properties with elevated levels. Cracks, holes, and wall openings are in every building, allowing radon into all kinds of spaces. 

  1. Myth: Our neighbors had their house tested, and they don’t have high levels, so I don’t need to test. 

Fact: Every house is built differently, and the ground beneath every house varies. Each house has its own individual safety needs. 

  1. Myth: When I purchased my house, I had a test done and the levels  were okay. I don’t need to retest.

Fact: The EPA recommends testing for radon every two years. Homes change how they breathe–how air comes in and out is what draws gas in. As the earth constantly moves underneath homes, crevices and cracks letting gas in are always shifting, meaning where radon once couldn’t enter might change over time.

  1. Myth: Our house has a radon mitigation system, so I don’t need to retest.

Fact: Always retest to make sure mitigation systems are doing what they’re supposed to. The EPA still recommends testing every two years with or without a mitigation system. 

Homes are always changing. The environment around our homes, the building materials we use for our homes, and our own renovations, like new doors or windows, are all shifting components that determine how we need to care for our homes over time. Radon testing is an unchanging necessity to ensure homes are safe throughout their lifespan.

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