Is your deck safe?

Deck Safety Tips

A deck is a lovely extension of your home that can be enjoyed all year long in the right conditions. Ensure it’s proper safety and maintenance with these deck safety tips designed to get the most out of your outdoor oasis:

  • Railings – Test their strength and durability. The last thing you want is for you or a guest to walk outside, lean up against the rail, and immediately take a tumble. Feel your railings all the way around the perimeter of the deck and be aware of any loose or wobbly areas and replace them.

  • Steps – Another potential hazard zone when stepping onto or off of the deck. If any planks are loose, rotting, or exceptionally creaky, it might be time to install some new ones.

  • Foundation – Take a look underneath. The structure holding your deck up and connecting it to your house is maybe the most important piece. Keep an eye out for anything that looks unstable such as weak or damaged columns. If you don’t do this part before your deck begins getting heavy use, you might find out the hard way. You’ll also want to check where the deck attaches to the home itself for any signs of water damage as any extensions to the home have the possibility to let excess water in.

  • Seal – If your deck is comprised of wood features, we want to make sure they are properly and regularly stained to avoid water seeping in and destroying the wood.

If you notice any areas of concern when inspecting your deck yourself, or are unsure of certain components, give us a call to come out and take a better look and we’ll let you know what needs attention and recommendations on companies that can fix them up for you. Safety is our number one priority in home ownership and we strive to be a resource for knowledge on your home.

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