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Home Health Check

What is a Home Health Check?

It's no secret that regular maintenance on your vehicle will extend its life and save you from costly repairs down the road. Just like you take your vehicle for scheduled maintenance, oil and lube, and state inspections, our homes also need a preventive maintenance schedule to continually monitor their health. This allows the homeowner to be in the driver seat and prepare for what is coming around the bend. When the car service is complete, our mechanic gives us a report which indicates the maintenance and/or repairs performed, what is coming up next for replacement, and concerns to keep an eye on throughout your daily travels.  The same philosophy is applied to our home health check.  When the evaluation is complete, we provide you a report that contains photos and explanations of action items and observations to help you prevent and/or budget for major expenditures down the road.  The knowledge gained from our Home Health Check helps busy homeowners make educated decisions on how to properly maintain your home now and in the future.

What does a home health check include?

  • Roof evaluation
  • Gutter evaluation
  • Porch and/or deck evaluation
  • Exterior preventative maintenance
  • Potential exterior wall leaks
  • Foundation grade evaluation
  • A/C Compressor evaluation
  • Indoor air quality testing including radon and mold (add-on)
  • Water testing (add-on)

To learn more about the Home Health Check, or to schedule services, complete the information below or call for more information 267-328-HOME

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