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Home Health Check - Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"During the purchase of our home six years ago, we had performed a home inspection to understand the condition of the home.  However, we know that over the course of time, other issues could surface that we were unaware of and so we called Musselman Home Inspections to have them perform a Home Health Check.

The information that we gathered from the Home Health Check has helped us to prioritize the repairs and improvements we should make to our home over the next year to keep it in great shape and to prevent more costly repairs down the road.  Moving forward, we're planning to have an annual Home Health Check to keep our largest investment in top condition.

Paul and Beth Augustine  - Hatboro, PA"

Google review :

"Musselman Home Inspection came out to do a Home Health Check on our 1889 Victorian Home. What an amazing service! The report we received was incredibly easy to navigate through. We have been working on the home for 4 years. The Home Health Check helped us with things we couldn't see during all of our renovations. This is a service that I would highly recommend to any homeowner and will definitely use this service again in the future.
Tara L"

"Crazy that no one else I know is doing this! 
I go to the doctor, the mechanic and others to get a “checkup”.  Why not the same for one of my most valuable assets?  Jon and his crew caught small issues before they turned in to big, expensive problems.  Great!  Can’t say enough...
Ian & Connie M."


"The Home Health Check was a simple process that outlined items to address to keep the house in good shape and prevent problems before they start.  Jon is very thorough with his review and we now have a solid piece of mind that our house doesn't have any major issues after living in it for 10 years.

Nick B."